Hot on the heels of its successful suncare line, French indie brand Mimitika is set to conquer the skincare market with its Skin Juice Collection of four serums. For this development, the brand has selected a design from Bormioli with pretty rounded edges that integrates PCR content.

Named Skin by Mimitika, the new skincare range strives, like the sunscreen range, to combine protection and pleasant use, natural ingredients, affordable prices and local sourcing.

First launch within this skincare range: a line called Skin Juice Collection. Based o natural active ingredients, the four serums promise to moisturize, sooth, purify, illuminate and smooth all skin types.

A 15ml stock glass bottle

For this development Mimitika chose to collaborate with Italian glass maker Bormioli Luigi. The brand has chosen the manufacturer’s ready-to-go collection of turnkey bottles.

Within the glassmaker’s portfolio, Mimitika has retained the Thalassa [1] design for its rounded shoulders that offer a 15ml format with a particularly feminine design. Easy to hold, it is particularly adapted to the dropper format. Additionally, it contains 15% PCR glass, a major plus for the ethical brand.